advantages of using mainsail os image over pi os lite

Author: Sanket Sonavane

Publish Date: 2024-02-27

Last Updated: 2024-02-27

when you have installed klipper moonraker mainsail fluidd on pi using kiauh script for your printer there will come a time when you want to use input shaper. Follow these steps to install input shaper software for klipper.

mainsail os image advantages

advantages mainsail os image has are as follows

  • its built on pi os lite
  • installation is as easy as selecting this in pi imager app and flashing your micro sd card.
  • it comes pre installed with
    • klipper, moonraker, mainsail, crowsnest, sonar.
    • software dependencies for input shaper which takes additional time and some times fails install.
      • there are also issues with not being able to find the libopenblas-base package which is needed for klipper numpy install.
    • software dependencies for katapult previously canboot and klipperscreen

mainsail os image takes care of all this for you and saves you a ton of time. Now, if you now want you can still install kiauh for further ease of managing install/uninstall of klipper, moonraker, mainsail, fluidd and it will auto detect and show that they are installed. you can now install fluidd as well if you want another web ui alongside mainsail.

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mainsail os image saves you a lot of time and is based on pi os lite.