Voron Mods Mega List

Author: Sanket Sonavane

Publish Date: 2024-06-05

Last Updated: 2024-06-08

NOTE: This article is a work in progress

While working on my Voron Trident Build I came across a ton of incredible mods and full fledge projects which can be called as mega mods because of the amount of thought process behind it. I was earlier haphazardly tracking the progress on all these projects but I want to streamline and store everything in one place so that we all can easily revisit them.

github repositories

user repos

kinematics mods

Until I find a better name for this category ;)

  • awd or all wheel drive
    • v2.4 awd by atinyshellscript github
    • tridentawd by fuffledag22 github
  • idex independent dual extrusion
    • tridex by FrankenVoron github
  • duelingx (flexible fusion cad file) by zruncho github


  • sync awd motor and belts positioning by vez3d youtube

voron zero specific

voron trident specific

  • inverted electronics
  • trident noodle by diyshift github
    • reverse bowden tube guide to keep it from rubbing the top panel


multi material systems

  • 3d chameleon link
  • ERCF v2 github
  • tradrack by annex engineering github
  • dual nightwatch by hartk1213 github
    • primitive infinite spool system by esoterical github

klipper configs

  • happy hare github
    • sakitume custom ercf build notes link

mmu mods

  • enraged rabbit cotton tail for ERCF github
  • filamentalist for ERCF github


  • tapchanger github
  • daksh toolchanger
  • blackbox toolchanger link

nozzle alignment systems

purging mechanisms

  • blobifier github
  • trident sw only blobifier by skibikeprint github
  • retractable purge mechanism ithub
  • klipper adaptive meshing purging by kyleish github

toolhead projects

  • afterburner
  • stealthburner
  • dragon burner by chirpy github
  • rapid burner by chirpy github
  • rainbow dragon by chirpy github
  • Yavoth for Dragon Ace hotend by chirpy github
  • xol2 by arcmchair heavy lead by DW-Tas github
  • archetype by arcmchair heavy github

toolhead mods

for stealthburner

  • filametrix by sorted01 github

extruder sync sensors

  • belay by annex engineering github

filament sensors

  • wristwatch g2 filament sensor by esoterical github

adxl mounts

  • adxl-mounts by armchair heavy github

tap variations

  • flextap by andrewcgr github
  • boop bu printerforants github
  • poke by zruncho github
  • boop for dragon burner by chirpy github
  • tap for dragon rapid burner by chirpy github


  • peck for dragon burner by chirpy github


klicky variations

  • klicky ng by jlas1 github
  • klicky pcb
  • unklicky by majarspeed github
  • pcb klicky by tanaes github

electronics chamber mods

extrusion mods

cable management ducts

  • cable management duct by ryandam github
  • remix of cable management duct by mystoopidstuff printables
  • backpanel cable duct by asburli printables



  • clickclack fridge door by tanes whoppingpochard github

controller boards

  • klipper rp2040 gpio board by einstein- github
  • supernova by annex engineering github

accelerometer boards

klipper macros

klipper mods

  • kiauh by dw-0 github
  • klipper tmc autotune by andrewmcgr github
  • kamp klipper adaptive meshing purging by kyleish github
  • klippain by frix-x github
  • klippain shaketune by frix-x github
  • klipper-backup by staubgeborener github

slicer mods

  • klipper estimator by annex engineering github


  • klipperscreen github
  • klipperscreen happy hare edition github

misc user mods