Why am I building a Voron

Author: Sanket Sonavane

Publish Date: 2024-02-22

Last Updated: 2024-02-22

Why am I building a Voron and how did I came up on this decision ?

  • Its December 2023 and its almost a year I have been using a Ender 3 S1 Pro
  • understood how to tune my s1 pro for perfect pla and abs prints
  • understood how to use a slicer (cura, prusa slicer)
  • understood some basics of how to create my own models in fusion 360, onshape and freecad
  • so armed with the basics of 3d printing I wanted to buy a new 3d printer which can print faster and I start exploring options
  • Creality options that I was considering Ender 3 V3 KE, Ender 3 V3 CoreXZ (came in Feb 2024 but there were mentions) , Creality K1
    • I decide to not go down this route as they are bedslingers and I wanted a corexy style printer
    • Creality K1 has one Z motor which syncs across three lead screws so its not a true three z motors , imagine syncing even one z-axis leadscrews should - one get out of sync it would be a real pain
    • so I decided to skip all the current choices I had narrowed down from creality
    • however creality does have spares availability in India and we can fix these if something breaks
  • BambuLab options was A1 and P1S
    • we also have options to pick the ams version of P1S here in India
    • while the bambu lab printers are a neat choice and do so many things well its when something would break I would have a long wait time for spares and they would also cost a fortune to fix as they have a lot of proprietary design elements which means fixing this myself would not be the best option and some times. so over all in the long run maintenance would cost me a lot.
    • also not a fan of bambu lab cloud printing and always on camera and data sharing concerns which I have with them.
    • I had to axe this option as well.

Well that brings me finally to one and only one option , I need to build a Voron.

Here are reasons why I decided to finally move ahead with this choice

  • Voron Community is just fantastic (docs, forums, discord, youtube) there are plenty of ways to get help.
  • learn end to end about building a high quality self sourced 3d printer which was created by some of the best minds.
  • fix the printer myself.
  • mod the printer to my hearts content. Even mods are created by some of the best minds in the voron community.
  • there are shops in India which do carry spares for building a voron , so even if kits are not there its possible to source most of the stuff to build one in India.