tinkercad helps you get started with creating 3d models

Author: Sanket Sonavane

Publish Date: 2023-03-14

Last Updated: 2023-03-14

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A few weeks ago I started my journey into the world of 3d printing and after choosing Ender 3 S1 PRO as my printer of choice and learning how to calibrate it. I wanted to learn how I can make my own 3d models and thats when I came across the term "3d parameteric modeler". Its a software thats used to create 3d models and simply put bring your ideas to life. after I searched youtube and the web I came across many softwares like fusion 360, onshape, freecad, openscad and tinkercad.

basic philosophy of tinkercad

Tinkercad looks like a simple tool its very welcoming to a beginner and has all the standard geometric shapes like cube, sphere , cylinder, cones etc. they are vary familiar to almost everyone of us. the tool is super user friendly and it lets you drag drop these shapes on a surface , lets you alter the shapes according to your needs. helps you add a rules to help with measurement. lets you group various objects into a single object. its easy to remove one object from another using the hollow object. there is a quick alignment tool which helps you align two objects together.

Tinkercad is made by autodesk and using this tool is a real joy and a quick to get started. everytime I use this tool it just make me apprecitate how accessible this tool has been made for beginners and yet it pack so many things that any one new to this tool can quickly get started in making there own models.

my first 3d model and learnings

For all the various hardware bits that I have that are stored in small zip lock plastic pouches meant, me hunting the large cardboard boxes for what I need. This way of storage was totally in-efficient. So creating small organization boxes with lids and making them stackable is the first idea that came to my mind. Tinkercad's easy to use interface helped me make this a reality.

Few more tutorials that helped me increase my knowledge on building my box.

More helpful tutorials

tinkercad is not just for 3d models

It can also help you create circuits and lay them on a pcb and even test them. It also has codeblocks which can help you write programs.

where I am with tinkercad

My journey with tinkercad is just getting started and before I try out the big boys like fusion 360 which is also from autodesk and onshape I want to build my base in working with 3d objects using tinkercad. sometimes keeping it simple is the best way ot get things done and tinkercad is helping me with just that.


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